Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Settling In

More changes came our way this month. After giving things a lot of thought and trying my best to make it work, I resigned from my job and accepted a position at a different company.

There's no need to go into much detail, but the job and hours were just not right for me, even if my coworkers were great. So, I'm on to the next chapter and really am enjoying my new job. It's a huge relief, and I'm able to do the kind of work I like.

That said, the career move has also helped out with my blood sugar spikes and schedule. Anyone with diabetes, particularly type one, will tell you that keeping a relative schedule is important to the management of the condition. Now that I'm working standard office hours with little variances in meal times and activities, my numbers are flatter and I'm using less insulin.

I've also been taking my Vitamin D supplement for five weeks. It's hard to say if it's been helping with anything, or if I'm just feeling the cumulative effects of the new job and settling in here in Ohio. However, I'm feeling great, so either way, it's a win.

I turned 29 a few days ago, and I'm looking forward to a great year!