Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

First off, I apologize for not updating in a few weeks. Long story short: I still have no laptop cord, took an awesome beach-house vacation with ten of our closest friends and got out of the habit of writing.

My diabetes was very well behaved on vacation, including long stints without the pump attached because of the heat on the beach. In fact, my numbers were almost too good, resulting in lots of minor lows. But, being out in the hot sun and being pretty active all day will do that. The only downfall was the night when we were playing beach volleyball and got swarmed by mosquitoes. I lost count at thirty bites, and one of our friends probably had double that!

Since vacation, we haven't slowed down. Two weeks ago, we spent a weekend visiting my college roommate, her husband and their adorable almost-one-year-old. Then, this weekend, we attended The Greenbrier Classic Golf Tournament with a couple of great friends. The tourney included a concert. I don't listen to country music, but I have to say that Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban gave great shows!

In addition to all of our travels, Anthony and I have been keeping up our running. We haven't found a 5k to attend yet, and our training has slowed a bit due to the heat.

To help supplement some cardio for our missed days, I stopped by Brickhouse Cardio to try their hour-long $5 Zumba class last night. Wow! What a workout, and what a lot of fun! I did have a really stupid low blood sugar mishap (checked in at 50 halfway through class, after a granola bar) and had to run next door to get a Coke (stupid moment for forgetting to unpack my sugar tabs from this weekend's trip). While I'm not going to sign up for membership yet, I will definitely be going back soon. For just $5, it's great exercise, and, it's air-conditioned!